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2013 Event

5th National Health & Care Leaders, Shared Learning Awards & Conference is a call to action to alert and mobilise NHS Health & Care Leaders. This is to promote integrated learning and how to make system wide changes and improvements by celebrating individual people and their success stories. LG Line

New for 2013

• 60 x CSUs, CSSs, CCGs & NHS Organisations exhibiting & sharing their learning

• Host and Partner for 2013 is QIPP Digital - Service change enabled through technology

• Key government department & directorate as the main Lead per Workstream & Workpackages

• New National Workstreams & Initiatives covering an array of topical Workpackages

• Interactive digital Interim reports, ‘Intelligence Reviews', published & authored by the same government Leads

• Meet & Engage with the speakers via WebEx and Tweet Chats

• Qualifying criteria encompasses national standards including NICE, IHW as well as QIPP LG Line

Key Features

• Capacity for approximately 85% Public Sector and 15% for Independent Sector

• Sold out consecutively for past 4 years

• See below on this site or by using the navigation buttons on the left, for the 4 year historical information of the awards

• Large scale system wide initiatives covering national & regional goals showcased

• Locally driven achievements showcased

* Judging panel are particularly interested in receiving submissions around the following Agenda’s where large scale system wide examples can be shared:

* Innovation, Quality, Health & Wellbeing, Health Inequalities, QIPP

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For all enquiries relating to:

• Eminent line-up for Judging Panel, Speakers, Partners and Leads, per workstream confirmed

• Award Submissions & Criteria

• Sponsorship enquiries relating to the Intelligence Review supporting publications and the event

• Details on who the government lead is and what the workstream & workpackages are

• Key dates & timelines

• Bursary funding options

• Exhibition stands for public and independent sector LG Line


Angela Harthen, Communications Director

Tel: 07738 4131 39  /  07738 4131 01

Email: nhsmeeting@link-gov.org

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2012 Award Winners:

1st Place – Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Nick Hodson, Head of Service Improvement and Programme Assurance

2nd Place – Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group, Kate Arden, Executive Director of Public Health

3rd Place – NHS North of England Northwest, Margaret Williams, Assistant Director of Nursing

The 2013 awards have a particular emphasis on large scale system wide initiatives covering national and regional goals. This is in addition to the standard locally driven achievements. The qualifying criteria is to encompass national targets including NICE, QIPP & IHW.
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  qipp qipp

In Brief

Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS commented:

"There are lots of really powerful examples around things we can do to improve quality while improving productivity"
Chair, Sir Muir Gray, Co-Director, NHS QIPP Programme, Right Care Workstream, Department of Health commented on the June 2012 conference stating:

"Revolutionary things are happening in the NHS by individuals, not by bureaucracy. This QIPP Awards & Conference is a celebration of individuals"

LinkGov Health & Care Conference is now in its fourth successful year, will look beyond the current debates around structures and reforms and focus on why and how to improve the everyday business of delivering health and social care for the next generation of providers, partners and patients.

LinkGov recognise the efficient and effective governance arrangements that demonstrate absolute clarity about responsibility and accountability for the current PCT and SHA clusters.

We support the direction of travel for reform, in particular the effective management of the transition, we support CCGs and Local Authorities to begin establishing the local relationships that will, subject to legislation, be the bedrock of the new NHS commissioning system.

Within this context, we will explore and debate the new architecture, that is and needs to continue to be, constructed for the Next Generation of Health and Social Care Systems and Service.

Why This Event

The NHS is going through the largest reorganisation since its inception. The government’s reforms have significant potential to advance and improve the whole system, yet they are to be implemented against a milieu of financial challenges.

Within this framework, it is critical that we protect the improvements that have been made by previous structures and processes and look beyond current debate about reconfiguration and reforms, to focus on how to improve the everyday business of delivering health and social care - by investing wisely today, in order to build a truly revolutionary next generation health and care system.

We will debate how to build a health and social care system for the future that delivers services which meet the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s patients, are safe, high quality and value-for-money. The conference will support boards, senior leaders and managers, policy-makers and practitioners in health and social care to drive improvements in innovative outcomes and increased quality and safety through this arduous period. The programme includes cutting edge innovations, value based solutions and treatments and will showcase the latest advances in technology and demonstrate where lifesciences intertwines with informatics; integrated care programmes; and care pathways demonstrating whole system step changes.

The purpose of this event is to provide delegates with a clearer understanding of how the new systems will function in 2013 and beyond. The objective of the programme and showcases will be to consider the framework for the future along with the strategies and practical concepts and innovations in service delivery, that can enable the next generation health and care service to be better integrated and personal, using smart technologies and smarter ways of working.

The Qipp Challenge

Shared Learning Award: The QIPP Challenge – "Re - Engaging Leaders"
Re- Engaging Leaders
Examining Integrated multi-professional programmes working across sector and professional boundaries which are Innovation and QIPP centric in the NHS
University Place, Oxford Road, City Centre, Manchester
Health and Care Senior Leaders, Board Directors and other Directors and Managers with a Local, Regional and National Remit.

The event is National and in its fourth year.

+44 7921 299 105 / +44 773 841 3139
QIPP Challenge Award - ***Winning Submissions To-Date***

Further submissions are still being accepted, please forward yours to nhsmeeting@link-gov.org

  • Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust - Better Together
  • NHS North Of England North West - Energise For Excellence In Care Program
  • NHS Stoke On Trent - Self-Care Challenge With Simple Telehealth & Flo
  • University Of Central Lancashire - Engaging Health Leaders And Partners
  • ST Helen's & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals - Black Belt In Productivity, Focused Improvement
  • East Of England Specialised Commissioning - Integration And Collaboration For Specialised Commissioning
  • Pennine Musculoskeletal Partnership - Shared Decision Making And Programme Budget Commissioning
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - Commissioning Leader
  • The UK National Screening Committee - Achieving Local Outcomes Through National Programmes
  • Ashton Leigh And Wigan PCT - Alcohol Case Management And Reduction In Wigan - I Is For Innovation, Integration And Implementation And P Is For Partnerships
  • Leeds Community Health - Leeds Health And Social Care Integration
  • OKA-BI - Protection Of Patient Data To Prevent Risks And Improve Outcomes With Sensible Investments
  • Medicines Management Solutions - Supporting Medicines Management Teams For Increased Productivity Gains
  • North Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group - Reducing Demand On Hospital Services, Keeping A Grip On Elective Activity And Strengthen Long Term Conditions Management
QIPP Challenge Award Supporters

Further submissions are still being accepted, please forward yours to nhsmeeting@link-gov.org

  • McKesson - The Role Of IT In Meeting QIPP Objectives
  • Aperio - ePathology Solutions - Supporting Patient Care
  • British Medical Journal Group - Clinical And Quality Improvements For QIPP
  • Pharmatimes - Joint Working: From Rhetoric To Reality. Recognising The Potential And Delivering The Results
  • National Institute For Health And Clinical Excellence - Selection And Evaluation Of New Or Innovative Medical Technologies (Including Devices And Diagnostics)
  • Me, We Studios - As the mobile channel explodes do you understand how to harness the opportunity?
  • NHS Evidence - The QIPP collection is intended to be a resource for everyone in the NHS, public health and social care for making decisions about patient care or the use of resources
  • Keele University - Supporting the appropriate and safe use of medicines, consistent with the evidence, to maximise health outcomes and reduce waste ie deliver optimisation of medicines use
  • Guy's & ST Thomas NHS Foundation Trust - Improving the quality of training for patient continuity with Smartr rostering
  • NHS Connecting for Health - Electronic prescription service EPS. Currently rolling out the clinical functionality to GP practices and community pharmacies. Demonstrating with evidence that EPS is a practical example of QIPP
  • Walsall NHS Bariatric Services & Patient Share - Empowering patients with long term conditions
  • Cumbria & Lancashire NHS Collaborative Pathology Commissioning Team - Centralised collaborative hub providing indep endent expert clinical and managerial advice on all aspects of the commissioning of pathology services
  • Liverpool Clinical Laboratories NHS - Joint Venture: Royal Liverpool University Hospital & Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Clinical & Pathology
  • Merseyside Pathology Network - Carter Review, Evidence based Pathology QIPP examples
  • Liverpool Primary Care Trust - Integrating pathology services to meet QIPP objectives

Jim Easton, Director of Improvement and Transformation, NHS Commissioning Board, will be addressing Award Winners and Supporters on the 28th June 2012.

Please click on the link to the right for an exclusive interview with
Jim Easton and highlights from the 2011 event:

Secured on behalf of the QIPP Challenge Award Winners
FULLY BURSARY FUNDED showcase exhibition stands, for table-top displays.

This is a critical time in our NHS, there are some examples of fantastic progress, while others show real struggle. The winners are being brought together to reward, recognise and to give colleagues an opportunity to re-engage to stimulate the QIPP agenda.

We continue to receive an exceptional level of entries this year. We hope and believe the Shared Learning Award winners can be an inspiration to light the way ahead.

How to Qualify

Public sector organisations applying for the Shared Learning Award : The QIPP Challenge – “Re-engaging Leaders” must demonstrate relevant work plans and activity, either implemented or planned, within the following themes:

  • QIPP - Plans and Goals
  • Increasing Quality while Reducing Waste
  • Innovation with a view to Adoption and Diffusion
  • Service Change / Reconfiguration
  • New Commissioning Models / Structures / Organisations
  • Integrated Leadership demonstrating Joined up thinking
  • Using Smart Technology / systems / methods of working

  • Participants and attendees for the showcase QIPP Awards, must STRICTLY fall into one of the below categories :-
  • Board Directors
  • Senior Managers & Head
  • Part of the CCG
  • Accountable Body
    To include representatives of the constituent practices, and would be, as its name suggests, accountable to the public, patients and practices, in addition to the NHS Commissioning Board and Health & Wellbeing Board.
  • Executive / Strategic Group
    Would hold the decision making functions for the consortium and include the Accountable Officer and other key personnel. The constitution of the consortium should encompass sufficient flexibility for executive group to form subgroups, and clinical networks, which could include consultants, directors of public health, nurses and managers; an ‘audit group’ would hold in check the Accountable Body and Executive/Strategic Groups and ensure the probity of the decisions made.
  • Task-Orientated Subcommittees/Clinical Networks
    With the specific intention of exploring certain clinical pathways or areas of care. However a consortium chooses to develop its governance arrangements they should meet the principles.
  • Clinician Involvement
    Successful commissioning is only possible with the active involvement of appropriate clinicians in the commissioning process at relevant points. This may mean a permanent seat for a public health representative on the Executive/Strategic group and certainly requires as a minimum the involvement of specialists in the design of pathways. This is likely to reflect local circumstances strongly.

    The commissioning of effective secondary care, community care and mental health services cannot take place without wider clinical input and real engagement of the clinicians who work and have expertise in these areas.

    For example, clinical networks could strengthen professional relationships across health sector boundaries, encourage clinical innovation between specialists and their primary care colleagues and enable different parts of the system to plan and work together. Through the promotion of collaboration, the system will minimise fragmentation and destabilisation and instead encourage planned change and service development. The development of clinical networks would require both the support of commissioners and NHS managers. Some would be regional, linked to academic health centres and feeding into the work of a number of commissioners. Others would be more localised.
  • GP Majority
    There should be a majority of GPs on the Accountable Body and the Executive body of the consortium. This majority could take the form of representatives from each practice, or representatives of each commissioning locality, or simply the elected GP representatives/leaders. In consortia representing larger groups of practices, it may be necessary to establish smaller locality groups to ensure fair representation.
  • Practice Engagement
    There must be a strong relationship between the consortium and individual practices, with both parties having set responsibilities with regard to the other.
  • www.bma.org.uk/images/nhsreformgpcguidancegovernanceconsortia_tcm41-206784.pdf

    Full Details at Original Source

Benefits of Attending

Join us at the fourth LinkGov conference and benefit from:

  • Educational and informative, credible, relevant, timely and authoritative unbiased sessions designed to support your work
  • Clarity on new structures and policies operating the health and social care system in 2013 and beyond
  • The support to drive improvements in quality and safety through challenging times
  • Network with colleagues and peers across the health and care sector

Who Attends


Board Directors and other Senior Executives, Chief Executives, Chair and Governers Directors / Assistant Directors, Heads and Programme Leads for:

  • Commissioning
  • Procurement
  • Financial
  • Health Systems
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Policy
  • Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Turnaround
  • Public Health
  • Patient Safety / Infection Control
  • Medicines and Pharmacy
  • Research and Development
  • Information Technology
  • QIPP
  • Primary Care - Secondary Care
  • Acute Care
  • Local Authorities
  • Third Sector
  • Private Sector Providers
  • Academics
  • Government and Regulatory
  • Royal Colleges
  • Trade Associations, Bodies and Representative Organisations
  • Medical Research Charities
  • Patient Cohort Groups

  • Sir Muir Gray
    NHS QIPP Programme
    Right Care Workstream
    Department of Health
  • DR Ian Barnes
    National Clinical Director of Pathology Tsar
    Department of Health, UK
  • Professor Matthew Cooke
    National Clinical Director for Urgency & Emergency Care Department of Health
    Professor of Emergency Medicine
    University of Warwick Medical School
  • Stella Dutton
    Chief Executive
    BMJ Group
  • Jim Easton
    Director of Improvement and Transformation
    NHS Commissioning Board
  • Mike Farrar
    Chief Executive
    NHS Confederation
  • Dr Steven Laitner
    National Clinical Lead for Shared Decision Making Quality & Productivity
    Department of Health
  • Mirella Marlow
    Programme Director Devices and Diagnostic Systems
  • Dean Royles
    Chief Executive
    NHS Employers
  • Stephen Whitehead
    Chief Executive Officer
    Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)
  • Inderjit Singh
    National QIPP Digital Function
    Department of Health
  • Clare Howard
    National QIPP Lead Medicines Use & Procurement
    Department of Health
  • Dr Mo Dewji
    National Clinical Lead QIPP
    Department of Health
  • Dr Jared Schwartz
    Consulting Professor of Pathology
    Stanford University Medical Centre
    Former President of the College of American Pathologists
  • Andrew Taylor
    Vice President, Operations and Administration
  • Dr Mahmood Adil
    National QIPP Advisor
    Clinical & Finance Engagement, Department of Health
  • Ken Barr
    Pathology QIPP Network Director, Liverpool PCT
  • Mike Beak
    Product Manager - 111, NHS Direct
  • Sally Chisholm
    Chief Executive, NHS Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC)
  • Jim Easton
    Director of Improvement and Transformation, NHS Commissioning Board
  • Jacqui Fletcher
    Senior Professional Tutor Section of Wound Healing
    School of Medicine Cardiff University
    Fellow, National Institute Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  • Dr James Kingsland
    National Clinical Commissioning
    Network Lead
    The Clinical Commissioning Community on behalf of
    Department of Health
  • Dr Steven Laitner
    National Clinical Lead for Shared
    Decision Making, QIPP, Right Care
    Department of Health
  • Dr Gillian Leng
    Deputy Chief Executive
    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  • Dr Jill Loader
    Associate Director Medicines Management
    South West
    Strategic Health Authority
  • Jonathan Mason
    National Clinical Director Primary Care and Community Pharmacy
    Department of Health
    Head of Medicines Management
    NHS East London and the City
    (a partnership of City and Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets PCT’s)
  • John Murray
    Director - Specialised Healthcare Alliance
  • James Norman
    IM & T Director
    Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals
  • Sir John Oldham
    National Clinical Lead Quality and Productivity
    National Workstream Lead
    Long Term Conditions
    Department of Health
  • Prof John Radford
    Research & Development Director
    The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
  • Joe Rafferty
    Director of Commissioning Development
    NHS North West
    Commissioning Support Design, DH
    Commissioning Team
  • Joyce Redfearn
    Chief Executive, Ashton Leigh and Wigan PCT
    Chief Executive, Wigan Council
  • Inderjit Singh
    National QIPP Digital Function
    Department of Health
  • Dr David Jay Wright
    Consultant Cardiologist
    Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Why LinkGov Events

Agenda Workstream Sessions


Workstream 1Clinical Support Rationalisation (Pathology)

Registration and Networking in the Surgery with Refreshments
Dr Jared Schwartz
Consulting Professor of Pathology

Stanford University Medical Centre,

Former President of The College of American Pathologists

ePathology Solutions - Supporting Patient Care

Dr Ian Barnes
National Clinical Director of Pathology Tsar
Department of Health

Morning Refreshments and Networking in the surgery
Shared Learning Award : The QIPP Challenge
"Re-Engaging Leaders"

Dr Ian Watson
Clinical Director, Clinical Laboratories Consultant Bio Chemist and Toxicologist
Department of Clinical Bio Chemistry, University Hospital Aintree

Lunch and Networking in the surgery

Workstream 2 Digital & Technical Vision

Registration and Networking in the Surgery with Refreshments
O2 Health

O2 Health

Inderjit Singh
National QIPP Digital Function
Department of Health
QIPP Technology and Vision
"How can digital technology support you in meeting QIPP drivers"
Digital Quick Wins
National Enablers to aid local delivery

Mirella Marlow
Programme Director Devices and Diagnostic Systems
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
Selection and Evaluation of New or Innovative Medical Technologies (including Devices and Diagnostics)

Morning Refreshments and Networking in the surgery

Dr Mo Dewji
National Clinical Lead QIPP
Department of Health

Cora Systems Ltd

Lunch and Networking in the surgery

Workstream 3 Medicines Use & Procurement, Right Care, Urgency & Emergency Care

Registration and Networking in the Surgery with Refreshments
Further Details to Follow

Dr Ashley McKimm
Head of Quality and Safety
BMJ Group
A New Way to Improve Quality and Reduce Cost through Collaboration

Clare Howard
National QIPP Lead Medicines Use and Procurement
Department of Health
Medicine Use and Procurement
Value of medicines for prescribers and patients
Clear guidance on the efficient use of medicines in primary care through the national prescribing centre and review/ expansion of existing better care
Better value indicators
Greater transparency and clarity to commissioners and prescribers on the cost of some treatments - for example ‘specials’
Best practice tool on medicines management and additional support for primary care trust prescribing advisers
Additional proposals to improve medicines waste and concordance

Professor Matthew Cooke
National Clinical Director for Urgent and Emergency Care Professor of
Emergency Medicine at the University of Warwick Medical School
Department of Health
Timely Reminder: Some of the Issues that Clinical Commissioning Groups Need to Consider
Making sure the right thing is done at the right time
Urgent and emergency care is a high profile service where there is scope to improve patient care and increase value for money Joined-up, seamless services: avoiding duplication and shifting care from expensive settings into the community
Morning Refreshments and Networking in the surgery
Dr Steven Laitner
National Clinical Lead for Shared Decision Making
QIPP Right Care
Department of Health

Dr Harold Braun
Operations Director
i5 Health Ltd
The Commissioning Suite - An answer to clinical commissioning

Lunch and Networking in the surgery

Agenda - Plenary Sessions

Sir Muir Gray
Co-Director, NHS QIPP Programme, Right Care Workstream
Department of Health

Andrew Taylor
Vice President, Operations and Administration

Mike Farrar
Chief Executive
NHS Confederation

Andy Brown
MD Diagnostics
NHS Supply Chain
How Do You Lead Fiscal Reconfiguration
Afternoon Coffee and Networking in the surgery
Dean Royles
Chief Executive
NHS Employers
The Importance of Staff Engagement and Patient Care, in the midst of change

Stephen Whitehead
Chief Executive
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
The Future of Pricing Medicines in the UK
Single holistic scheme: low on bureaucracy, efficient and patient-focused
Sustaining the balance between innovation and pricing while driving economic growth and a major contributor to the UK economy, bringing life-saving and life-enhancing medicines to patients

Supplying 90 per cent of all medicines used by the NHS

Researching and developing 90 per cent of the current medicines pipeline

Jim Easton
Director of Improvement and Transformation
NHS Commissioning Board
NHS Information Strategy
Achieving high quality care through innovation and prevention in a leaner financial climate
Strengthening links between better use of information and greater efficiency and improvements in care
Supporting patient choice and helping people make decisions about their care

Q & A Session

Delegate Rates

All prices are subject to VAT


We offer a limited number of bursary places at our conferences. To apply for a bursary for this conference please email us.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

Our colleagues across the health and care landscape will be gathering once again, this time in Manchester, 28 June 2012, to share and learn in detail, about national QIPP Delivery Plans and additional strategic approaches, that have been continually refined over the past months.

In part, this has been driven by the highly detailed reporting required by the Strategic Health Authority and the ongoing reforms. The Delivery Plans have to contain detailed milestone plans and key performance indicators for each of the identified projects. Details of projects within the individual programmes, the targets, the leads and the challenges will all be debated and dissected on the day.

While it’s true QIPP and Reforms raise many a tense eyebrow in Board Rooms, it is clear from the continuous ongoing high-level discussions we have with our colleagues, love it or loathe it, collectively we have to achieve it. But it cannot be achieved without the aid of stakeholder partners from all sectors – thus demonstrating the need for greater transparent dialogue with budget holders and decision makers whose role it is, to hold a holistic view and see without exception, the great need and benefit of having true interdependent strategic partnerships and collaborative leadership, to achieve the necessary successful outcomes in the timescales required.

The conversation and language needs to change from Spend to Investment, avoiding quick fixes and focusing on long term strategic mutual gains. As such we are viewing a paradigm shift in the way these said Leaders are engaging and collaborating with stakeholders, much earlier on in the process.

There are still many out there who view many industry and other sector Leaders, with previous, outdated spectacles. It’s clear that all sectors have much to offer the New health sector that can assist and integrate with health and care organisations QIPP Delivery and Work Plans and Strategic Initiatives.

The full details of the conference, including the successful outcomes the previous three years have achieved, can be viewed below.

We have a variety of sponsorship packages available for our bi -annual conference, plus opportunities to exhibit and place material into the delegate packs.

The significant rate of both our returning delegates and commercial partners each year is testimony that LinkGov provide absolutely best practice, innovative thinking and quality debate.

Unlike large sponsorship-driven exhibitions run by publishers and events companies, LinkGov build as many opportunities as possible for stakeholder partners sponsoring or exhibiting at the event to integrate within the actual programme on the day.

In addition to the event, where we add true value over and above other events is our single minded, unique focus, on relationship building, pre and post these events, predominantly at board level.

By assisting our partners, both senior delegates and commercial partners, to develop more and stronger relationships both pre and post the events through our targeted individualised business diplomatic service programmes, we ensure the highest return on investment in terms of both monetary and time investments, by connecting Leaders to develop relationships that are meaningful, mutually beneficial and lasting.


“Excellent calibre of speakers and delegates, second to none”.

Jim Easton, Director of Improvement and Transformation, NHS Commissioning Board

“I was very impressed with the conference – speakers in the main plenary session shared some great insight into the need for the whole of the NHS to embrace all 4 elements of QIPP; the breakout study sessions and QIPP workshops presented some great examples of innovative ways of working that are delivering productivity gains at the same time as improving patient care”.

Jonathan Mason, National Clinical Director for Primary Care and Community Pharmacy, Department of Health

“It was of great value adding knowledge and insight”.

Margaret Williams, Assistant Director of Nursing, NHS NorthWest


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